Can carpet warm a room?

Can carpet warm a room?

The answer is no; a carpet does not warm a room. What it does, though, is insulate it. Carpeting has a high thermal value, which means it insulates better than, say, concrete. A carpet's high R-value implies that it holds onto the warmth of the room. Psychologically, carpeting evokes thoughts of comfort, warmth, and coziness.

What is the Thermal Value?

An R-value is a term that describes a carpet’s thermal resistance. It is usually on the label of the carpeting. The R-value is not determined by how thick the carpet or rug is. Instead, it is more determined by the carpet or rug's ability to insulate the room against the cold.


Padding has an impact on how well a room is insulated against colder temperatures. Some experts believe that padding has its own R-value. When you put carpet and padding together, you get complete insulation. This gives you superior protection from heat and cold air loss. It is believed that a carpet and padding can provide you with an R-value of over 2.0 in rating.

There are various materials that padding from which padding is made. Urethane, for example, is the highest R-value. It is a padding best for low traffic rooms, like the bedroom. It has a low density and is very light. So it wouldn’t be advisable for high traffic areas in the home. That would be fiber padding. Fiber padding is made for high traffic areas in the house. It has a good R-value that provides excellent insulation for your high traffic rooms.

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