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Carolina Carpet and Floors is your flooring repair headquarters

Not every damaged flooring needs to be replaced, to attend to flooring mayhem Carolina Carpet and Floors has an in-house flooring repair service. Stains, gouges, sags and rips are no match for our expert repair techs. Customers from Fayetteville, Eastover, Hope Mills and Cape Fear know to call Carolina Carpet and Floors to come to the rescue.

Thinking ahead about flooring repair

When your flooring is installed, it is a good practice to keep leftover materials in a dry spot. If you move into your house and find remnants, resist the temptation to toss them out, they may come in handy for future flooring repair.

If you have a problem with a floor in your home, contact us or visit our showroom in Fayetteville to discuss your flooring repair needs.

Flooring repairs for many surfaces

Sagging, wrinkled carpet can be re-stretched, bringing the carpet back to like a new installation. Carpets can also be repaired for:

  • Pet damage
  • Carpet rips through patching
  • Seam and stair repair
  • Floor to carpet threshold

Hardwood flooring can be scratched and scuffed, as long as the full depth of the protective finished has not been breached, the damage can be buffed out with a very fine buffing pad. If water soaks into the wood rather than bead on top, which means the floor is repaired through refinishing.

A tile cracked from dropping an object on it is repaired by being chipped out, the old adhesive removed, and a new tile set in and grouted. If there is no obvious cause for tiles lifting or cracking, then the sub-floor is suspect. If the tiles are removed the sub-floor can be fixed and then the tiles re-laid and grouted.
Flooring repairs in Fayetteville NC

Laminate and luxury vinyl repairing

If laminate flooring is damaged, the damaged plank or tile can be replaced. If the flooring is lifting, the sub-floor will need attention before the planks are laid.

LVT's are modular, so it is possible to repair the floor by replacing the damaged unit. If sheet vinyl is lifting from the seams, we can clean off the old adhesive and reapply with new. A rip can be repaired by cutting out a patch and replacing it with an identical piece from a remnant from the original material.
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