Is padding important with carpet flooring?

Is padding important with carpet flooring?

Yes. You can't see it, but the cushion is truly the unsung hero for carpeting.

Padding helps to insulate the temperature

Rugs have one R-value, which is a measurement of temperature insulation. It has a range, depending on thickness. Padding also has an R-value.

When combined, the insulative value goes through the roof. It holds heat and cool, blocks drafts and noises, and makes it more comfortable on which to walk. You know, that bouncy cushiony feeling we all get!

Padding extends the carpet's life span

We all want to save money, but the padding is a necessary accessory. If you don't have padding, the floor covering will lie directly on a bare floor.

With no padding, it reaks all havoc, from crumbled backing to frayed fibers. But, on the other hand, it absorbs the shock of wear and also decreases the impact of heavy foot traffic!

What size should padding be?

This is something you should discuss with your flooring professionals. That is because not all padding will work well with all carpets. For example, some paddings can be too thick for a rug.

Generally speaking, though, padding should be between ⅜” and 7/16." In addition, the density should not be less than six pounds.

Choose padding wisely!

Don’t accept whatever a carpet store throws in the bag. Also, be sure to follow the recommendations from the carpet's manufacturer. If you don't, you could risk voiding the warranty.

This is all because the wrong carpet padding could damage your carpeting. If too soft, heavy traffic could cause it to bottom out; if too thick, it might not hold on to the tack strips (used in the installation process), causing the padding to wrinkle, fold and decrease protection.

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