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What is Berber carpet?

When you come into our carpet store, you'll see many rugs, including Berber styles. These are popular, stylish, budget-friendly, and durable looped constructions with a light-colored background accented by flecks of brown or gray. Sometimes you will also see them in solid or multi-colors because, as Berber-style carpeting became more popular, the choices became more varied. While it can also come in various fibers such as nylon and wool, olefin is usually the primary choice.

Getting its name from the Traditional Berbers of North Africa and their hand-woven rugs with brightly colored knots, modern Berber-style rugs are especially incredible for busy, heavily trafficked rooms such as family or living rooms. These rugs are also often the floor covering of choice for offices or other commercial facilities.

Price is an advantage

Berber rugs are less expensive, and that's because of the construction. All rugs start as looped, and then the fibers are sheared to become cut pile various styles. With a looped construction, no cutting is necessary, so an entire process is skipped.

Benefits of the Berber style

Usually, fibers are stronger when looped and not cut. Also, when it comes to crushing, a loss of pile thickness usually when heavy furniture stays on it for any length of time, looped constructions fare better than cut piles. The flecked background will camouflage dirt, but we still advise vacuuming twice a week with a professional deep-cleaning (often part of warranties) at least every 12 to 18 months. It's like anything: The better you take care of it, the longer it will last.

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